Types of digital gambling frauds

Types of digital gambling frauds

Are you a passionate gambler who constantly explores betting websites? If yes, we have important news to share with you. This content is especially for the one with no experience of fraud. Online sites are easy to access with the help of a smart device and an internet connection. But do you know why 먹튀검증업체 came into existence?

It is a platform that stores information regarding genuine and unreliable sources of digital networks to assist and protect a customer from scammers. The motto is to display data about unstable websites and trustworthy gaming platforms to allow a gamer to make informed decisions. Let us take a look at below few scams in the online gambling industry.

  • Bonus abuse
  • Gnoming
  • Chip dumping

Bonus abuse: Gamers with ill intentions create multiple accounts and derive the benefits of sign up bonuses, coupons and other promotion schemes from the internet gaming location. The offers promoted to gain traffic can easily cause loss to the organization if the offerer does not set limits.

Gnoming: The created fake profiles are used in a way to help one player win the jackpot along with bonuses. The rest accounts intentionally lose to attain their share from the won amount from the winner. It is more like a match-fixing.

Chip dumping: This is similar to Gnoming, all the participants direct the favourable conditions towards one contender and eventually cheat the system for money.

Scams related to payment methods

  • Stolen credit cards – The conmen use lost credit cards of the third party to fill their wallet and win money illegitimately.
  • Chargebacks–The scammer after exhausting the money, will place a request to the banker of the stolen credit card for a chargeback and continues gaming with the refunded amount.
  • Phone top-up abuse–A few internet casinos provide deals on phone top-up. The fraudsters find and trick the burner phone holders into topping up their balance to receive funds into the fraudster’s wallet.


There are thousands of fake individuals trying to manipulate others to fulfil their greed for money. Financial loss, as well as identity theft, are the possible outcomes for an ignorant player; if he does not make use of 먹튀검증업체to check the authenticity and reliability of a web address before making deposits and inputting personal information.

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