How does Affiliate Income Link Work

How does Affiliate Income Link Work

Affiliate income link works by sending the person who clicked on your advertisement a direct link where they will end up with something that they might not have been able to buy directly before, like seeing a movie online or getting a chance through your website to win tickets.

An Affiliate Income Link (AIL) is a  link that you give to the person who bought something of yours, whether online or offline.

Affiliate Income Links are findable ลิงค์รับทรัพย์ that redirect people to a different site where they can buy something. When the person clicks on the AIL, they will be taken to a new site where they buy something, and it’s almost like an advertisement. It’s basically like someone telling you, “This is what I want, so go get it for me.” If you get them what they want, like ordering from Amazon, your affiliate commission is usually in Bitcoins. You can offer something special if your product is already good enough for them.

Directly Earn Links With Great ContentTo use the affiliate income link, you must follow these steps:

  1. Register your domain name with a reputable company. You can also register them through online registration or try to register them through your registrar’s account by logging in and clicking on it (If they have implemented it). The thing is, if you used an online registration form, then they might ask for your company name and address.
  1. Create a website for your product.
  1. Start to promote it through your website and SEO.
  1. Create affiliate income links by inserting your link into the description of the video and in the description of any images you used as well as creating landing pages for specific products on Amazon that you want to advertise. If you sell physical products, it’s easier because you have to print a piece of paper with your affiliate link and include them inside the box with the product. Kindle e-books require HTML coding to include affiliate income links.
  1. Register your Affiliate Income Links.
  1. Use Google Analytics to optimize your website because they will track how many times people click on each link; you can use their tool to see how many people click through.
  1. Monitor the traffic coming to your website so you can find which keywords are giving them what they want, and also monitor what products are being bought based on the keyword that is giving them more traffic and sales. You probably know whether it was a product being sold recently or if someone just found out about this particular product and bought it.
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