How RTP Affects The Jackpot Round And Winnings

How RTP Affects The Jackpot Round And Winnings

Slot Online offers a great betting experience, especially when speaking about big winnings and jackpots. Slot players would probably be excited about this. But, some players are not satisfied with their gameplay because most players are not careful regarding the RTP of the game.

Is the RTP complicated math in slots?

Well, you will never know, unless you have tried it. In many slot games, you spin the reels, which machine do you win big? Which slot machine do you think gives you a good payout? Well, only players know about this when they are focused on the payback of the game.

But, for players who simply land on the game and accept the outcomes of the machine, they are just opting for a punch-to-moon hope of hitting a jackpot prize. Setting up Return to Player is an uneasy process. Only the game developers can do the thing, not the players nor the casinos.

RTP is not complicated to understand, especially if you know how to calculate it. But, here is a clear explanation about RTPs. If the RTP of a slot machine is 98%, it means a player will receive 98% of every $100 winning money. The 3% goes to the house edge.

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The variance and RTP

Variance and RTP are similar but different in some ways. The RTP is often mistaken for the variance of the game. Although the two concepts are closely related, the two terms are not the same thing. RTP has been explained above. So, there is nothing more to add up here.

However, RTP is always touched on as a topic when discussing variance. Variance is defined as the way the RTP is realized.

  • Lower variance slots. These machines are programmed with smaller hits, which keep the players making more spins without getting busted.
  • Higher variance slots. These machines have a lot of RTP situated in the bonus features. Also, it provides some big hits. But, the compensation for the big hits is the slots do have not much small to medium wins during the base game.

Thus, not all slot machines with higher RTP are truly a very friendly game on your bankroll. Still, you need to set a budget when playing the slots, especially in the Situs Slot Mudah Jackpot. Generally speaking, slot games with higher RTP will always be a better choice compared to those with lower percentages.

However, if the choice of game is very volatile, expect that within the thousands of spins you made, you are near or closer to the real RTP.

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