Scatter Symbols In Online Slot Games

Scatter Symbols In Online Slot Games

You may have seen a scatter symbol in some of the slot games you’ve played before but did you know what it does? In this blog post we are going to explain how to use the scatter symbol and what bonus features it’s worth looking out for.

What is a Scatter Symbol?

A scatter symbol is found on many different gaming platforms and is often an icon that represents a particular object, such as a diamond, or it can be just the word ‘scatter’. When the scatter symbol lands in an active payline, that particular reel will be activated and you will be able to play a game of chance. You can also get a free spin on a scatter symbol if it lands as part of the last reel of your payline (called a last scatter). A wild symbol can also be substituted at any time for the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol will always occupy its own payline.

Scatter Symbols in Slots

There are a few different slot games where scatter symbols are present, such as the popular game Forty Thieves, Endorphina’s game Crazy Monkey and The Movie Muse. There are also many other games that have scatter features but you might not know about them yet; we will teach you what you need to look out for when playing these games.

What is a Scatter Symbol Game?

There may be multiple types of scatter symbols in the game. For example, Endorphina’s game Crazy Monkey features scatter symbols that can appear in four different colors: purple, green, yellow and blue. This results in sixteen different combinations which all have their own unique effects. The violet and green symbol will give you 10 additional credits while the purple and yellow symbol will give you 100 additional credits. Each of these scatter symbols can appear in any order, except for when the yellow and green symbol has landed on the same reel. In this case, you can only pay up to 10 credits for every additional spin.

How to Use Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols should be used during large payouts, such as at the end of a line or by combining multiple scatter symbols with an additional wild symbol. The former are referred to as ‘late scatter’ in some casino games. The scatter symbol will have the best effect when it’s combined with another symbol that completes a winning combination, so pay attention to these combinations.

You can also use scatter symbols on their own, especially in games that require a whole reel to be activated. This will give you more spins than normal and some of your spins may not be activated. You can also get your first spin for free if the Scatter Symbol is one of the last three symbols displayed on the reel.

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